Sind our foundation in 2003 our philosophy has been to offer “gourmet” stationery products. We want the end user to get excited about our articles, to love them, to touch  them and enjoy their use.


Design and practical use at the service of the user. Nice things for nice people. And objects for the most demanding of stationery lover. We do not make any commitments with the quality of our products. We either offer a really high quality and guaranteed product or we prefer to just not have it in our catalogue.


Whether you look for writing articles, accessoires like the clix, the round moon clips  made of steel or any other of our products in the range they form, all combined, a wonderful gammut of lovely products that one would love to collect and have on the desk top.


Stationery and the best of gift items for the most demanding customers and collectors.


We want to give joy to the users through high quality and distinctive design.


And do not forget to take care of the planet using quality stationery with sustainable criteria and ecological products that make Youu part of the solution.


Writing articles, calligraphy objects, desk top accesories, brilliant ideas, surprises and warm feelings.


All this is Divine Design