Design Stationery and gourmet gifts

Divine Design is synonimous to design stationery. Our range comprises nice stationery for pen lovers, calligraphy and school items as well as special gifts. We would define ourselves as suppliers of "gourmet stationery".

Divine Design is a brand born to transmit happiness and joy through stationery and gift items. The passion for exclusive and gourmet products is at the base of our philosophy. We develop articles that are very usable and create nice presents and items that embellish your desktop.

Ecological stationery, school items and gifts

At Divine Design you will find not only stationery and school material. We have also launched a new collection of rollers and gel pens, school fountain pens, cases and many materials for the back to school season. And last but not least, one of our core assortments: wooden pencils in every desirable presentation. Our wide range of ecological pencils are made for those who like a traditional product with a modern twist. Wooden pencils, woodless pencils, fine pencils, coloured pencils, erasers and other perfect products for the specialised and ecologically conscious stationery shops and distributors.  The wooden leadholder is also a must in our range as well as all the refills for them.

Penlovers can also find an appealing range of fountain pens with a model that stands our for its exclusivity. Our fountain pen "Eyedropper". This eyedropper fountain pen has  a unique feature: the barrel of the pen can be used as a huge, transparent ink container and it can also  be used with a standard cartridge or converter. This eyedropper fountain pen is ideal for those users who need to write or draw very much with their pen.

Inks for fountain pens and calligraphy

We carrry a wide offer of inks for fountain pens and calligraphy. Our range is one of the biggest in the market and the brilliant colours stand out with the use of fountain pens or calligraphy nibholders. The calligraphy sets are perfect for beginners who would like to start lettering and nice writing. They are also  perfect for those users who need a comfortable writing instruments for intense use.

Fill your shopwindow with joy, gift items and premium stationery items. Ideal for   stationery and writing specialists, for gift shops and of course demanding concept stores.

Fill your case with gourmet stationery, fantasy and school items and give a nice touch to your desk top. Our range can be found in a shop nearby, be it brick and mortar or online shop.

If you are interested in acquiring or distributing our products, do not hesitate to contact us .



Sind our foundation in 2003 our philosophy has been to offer “gourmet” stationery products. We want the end user to get excited about our articles, to love them, to touch  them and enjoy their use.

Design and practical use at the service of the user. Nice things for nice people. And objects for the most demanding of stationery lover. We do not make any commitments with the quality of our products. We either offer a really high quality and guaranteed product or we prefer to just not have it in our catalogue.

Whether you look for writing articles, accessoires like the clix, the round moon clips  made of steel or any other of our products in the range they form, all combined, a wonderful gammut of lovely products that one would love to collect and have on the desk top.

Stationery and the best of gift items for the most demanding customers and collectors.

We want to give joy to the users through high quality and distinctive design.

And do not forget to take care of the planet using quality stationery with sustainable criteria and ecological products that make Youu part of the solution.

Writing articles, calligraphy objects, desk top accesories, brilliant ideas, surprises and warm feelings.


All this is Divine Design