DIVINE DESIGN is introducing the latest novelties in gourmet stationary.

New Divine Design catalogue


We are pleased to introduce our new general catalogue full with novelties in stationery and design. If you are a wholesaler or shop and are interested in sustainable and ecological stationery, just have a look into our range. You will find many gift ítems, stationery and many novelties of German quality. Whether you look for a wide range of pencils, fountain pens or accessories for your desktop, our catalogue will help you. We do keep also many interesting and attractive desktop ítems such as clips in various shapes and materials, pins, cartridges and inks, etc. This is Divine Design, the gourmet stationery Brand. In the new catalogue you will find also the new desktop displays, perfect for a very attractive presentation of the stationery ítems in a compact and easy way.



The new look for the ink cartridges is certainly convincing for many reasons. It is more attractive and elegant and also more ecological. We continue offering our 17 bright colours but in a small cardboard box. Of course we continue offering the cartridges in boxes of 12 units rather than the more usual 6 units. This enables loooong writing or sketching sessions with a good supply of ink.

In the display  DD DPY TP you will find 6 units of each of all the available colours and more in royal blue (30) and black (24). Perfect display for the counter and to help keep all the ink cartridges for fountain pens at hand.


Finally we have been able to modernise our displays and at the same time make them more eco-friendly. The displays can be delivered flat and are made of recycled wood. The new displays are very elegant and compact, perfect for the counter.

The  display DD DPY CAP contains 12 different models of premium graphite pencils with metal cap: chrome, golden or mixed coloured  It contains 1 dozen of each presentation. 


The new metal tubes are finally here. These metal containers made of brass contain graphite refills for mechanical pencils in Hi-Polymer quality. The leads are standard and in the most common widths: 0,5 mm, 0,7 mm, 0,9 mm, 2,0 mm and 5,6 mm. The metal tube protects the refills and are perfect for your bag, pocket, etc.

New Inkrollers

We are proudly introducing our new inkrollers in assorted colours.

The inkroller is a roller that uses as a refill a standard cartridge. The easy flowing ink allows quick and effortless writing and the result is really nice. Write like with a fountain pen but without a nib.

The inkrollers are available in 4 colours, transparent barrel and basic accents in red, blue, green and black. The refill being a standard cartridge makes life easier and remember that we have inks and cartridges in up to 15 different colours so that you can choose among a wide range of inks.


We are finally introducing our  eraser. This is an ecological eraser made of natural rubber. Small but really elegant and smooth. Perfect for erasing und fits into any pouch, pocket or bag. What else could we desire ?

A vintage wooden box that contains up to 40 erasers and enables an elegant presentation to the final customer. Elegant, easy, compact wooden box for this special eraser made of natural rubber. Ideal for students, office, artists...

The size of the eraser is 49 mm x 21 mm x 8 mm. The ideal match for the nice and elegant pencils and pencil extensions  or leadholders of Divine Design.

The natural rubber enables an easy erasing of graphite without any fuss. Naturally clean and ecological.


And finally also a pouch that allows an easy carrying of your favourite stationery or make-up articles. An elegant, light and roll for artists. A nice combination of magenta and dark grey with 10 divisions that can carry your favourite items (Pencils, Extensions, Markers, Brushes …).

With a textile band you can safely close the roll and your favourite accessories remain under best custody within.

The easiest way to carry your utensils in a very elegant way. Again we present an ecological product of which we are very proud for all the stationery lovers and fans. Dont forget that you will find these products only in the best stationery and gift shops.

For a convenient start, we have also launched a promotion of the felt roll with 4 basics (DD ROLL1) containing; 1 wooden pencil extension + mini pencil, 1 wooden ruler (15 cm),  1 magical pencil that designs in rainbow colours and 1 graphite pencil with rubber eraser. At an outstanding promotional price.

As usual we are at the avantgarde in good taste and design.


After the success of the Divine Design inks and the positive remarks by the consumers, we have decided to increase our color range. The new colors have been demanded by many consumers. We still do not know whether this will be the final range, but this will depend upon the reaction by the consumers. The new colors are : grass, ocher and night blue.

Grass green is a very brilliant nice green, like spring. Ocher is a fantastic mix of brown and yellow with a spectacular result and night blue is a very elegant blue with a hint of black. All three new colors show a brilliant and elegant result.

As with the previous colors we have very nice colors and perfect for the use with the fountain pen, the artists (nib or brush) and, of course, with the Eyedropper. As you know, we only use the best ingredients and our specialised knowledge to offer the best products.

And do not forget that the inks are available in two presentations: the 30 ml ink bottle (glass) and the pack with 12 standard ink cartridges.

DD 1970 D12

We introduce the latest fountain pen, but not the most modern one. An absolute classic fountain pen of the 1970s. It is sold in a 12 unit display in assorted basic colours: black, blue, green and red. And their name is named after its year of birth 1970. A wonderful fountain pen with standard cartridge and a perfect nib. Strong but flexible, ideal for beginners and for fountain pen lovers who like the magic of classic.

Eyedropper jade green

We do know the eyedropper fountain pens already. And now we introduce a new colour : jade green, that complements the already known black, amber and purple.

The best eyedropper, the fountain pen that can be used with standard cartridge, with a converter or as an eyedropper, that is, using the body of the fountain pen as an xxl ink container. Nice, practical and elegant.

DD Leader D12

A leadholder made of steel for 5,5 mm leads ? Yes, this is the latest proposal. Practical, elegant, with clip, for use with graphite, coloured and neon leads. For writing, drawing or marking. A great leader on your desktop.

The leader is a wonderful leadholder and is handy, fits every pocket und surprises with its minimalistic design and the high quality of its materials. A sensational leadholder.

It can also be used as a ballpoint pen with the corresponding special refill.

The most modern, stylish and fashionable fountain pen

Finally the new Eyedropper fountain pen  has arrived. The most modern, stylish and fashionable fountain pen.

You know the classic black version as well as the amber one. They are now complemented by the purple version: outstanding and colourful. Elegant and modern.

As in the other eyedropper you can use three different ink feeding systems: cartridge, converter and as eyedropper, using the barrel of the fountain pen as an XXL ink container. The equivalent of approximately 10 cartridges. Ideal for those who write or draw a lot. And as the other models, you can have the pen with a medium nib (M), fine (F), extra fine (EF) or broad (B) nib. The whole mouthpiece is exchanged making it very easy to use one width of nib or another.


The container is hermetically sealed and the big window allows to see the free ink flow within the barrel. Antistress “inkwatching”  for a lovely fountain pen that can be combined with a fancy ink colour to draw the attention of the most fashionable fountain pen friends.


These new fountain pens have barrels made of different high quality woods like oak, zebrano and wengue. Very high quality wood for these nice fountain pens that provide a pleasant feeling when writing, warm touch, modern design and easy writing. Also very comfortable for beginners since the nib is really resistant.

DD Madeira

DD Madeira 2

DD Madeira 3

Fountain pen DD AMBER

The new fountain pen Amber is, as its predecessor, the DD DROPPER, a unique fountain pen. It can be used with a standard cartridge, with a converter and also as an eyedropper. This means that the barrel of the pen is used as container for the ink, which enables to store up to 4 g of ink. For long and uninterrupted writing, for people who really love to write or draw with the fountain pen.

This new colour “amber” is most elegant, modern and suits everyone.

Fountain pen Eye Dropper DD AMBER

Fountain pen Eye Dropper Divine Design Amber

Eye Dropper