Finally the new Eyedropper fountain pen  has arrived. The most modern, stylish and fashionable fountain pen.

You know the classic black version as well as the amber one. They are now complemented by the purple version: outstanding and colourful. Elegant and modern.

As in the other eyedropper you can use three different ink feeding systems: cartridge, converter and as eyedropper, using the barrel of the fountain pen as an XXL ink container. The equivalent of approximately 10 cartridges. Ideal for those who write or draw a lot. And as the other models, you can have the pen with a medium nib (M), fine (F), extra fine (EF) or broad (B) nib. The whole mouthpiece is exchanged making it very easy to use one width of nib or another.


The container is hermetically sealed and the big window allows to see the free ink flow within the barrel. Antistress “inkwatching”  for a lovely fountain pen that can be combined with a fancy ink colour to draw the attention of the most fashionable fountain pen friends.


These new fountain pens have barrels made of different high quality woods like oak, zebrano and wengue. Very high quality wood for these nice fountain pens that provide a pleasant feeling when writing, warm touch, modern design and easy writing. Also very comfortable for beginners since the nib is really resistant.

DD Madeira

DD Madeira 2

DD Madeira 3

Fountain pen DD AMBER

The new fountain pen Amber is, as its predecessor, the DD DROPPER, a unique fountain pen. It can be used with a standard cartridge, with a converter and also as an eyedropper. This means that the barrel of the pen is used as container for the ink, which enables to store up to 4 g of ink. For long and uninterrupted writing, for people who really love to write or draw with the fountain pen.

This new colour “amber” is most elegant, modern and suits everyone.

Fountain pen Eye Dropper DD AMBER

Fountain pen Eye Dropper Divine Design Amber

Eye Dropper